World Unknown

11. May until 31. July 2020 


World Unknown, the inaugural exhibition at re|space Gallery, presents a solo-show with works by the artist Gogi Gelantia. The works presented, focus on Gelantia’s series of abstracts painted in acrylic on canvas. 


In the age of the Anthropocene the metropolitan lifestyle of the global north revolves around material comforts. As a gregarious species we seek human interaction and have built an extremely complex societal construct. In the face of the current global pandemic, however, we struggle to upkeep this lifestyle. Through the exhibition World Unknown, the artist Gogi Gelantia invites us to view the world from a new perspective.


His emotional landscapes move us from our hyper focus on the Anthropos to a more abstracted, objective point of view. In a similar manner, Gelantia’s purely abstract paintings offer an escape from our current climate into a world unknown. The abstract paintings range from emotionally charged explosions of colour to elaborate dreamscapes in which figurative elements make an ephemeral appearance. Much as in the abstract landscape paintings, the figurative elements in dreamscapes such as the Observing triptych have been decontextualized and reembodied in a world constructed by the artist on canvas. More than an escape, the paintings in World Unknown provide room and stimulus for contemplation. 


As the selection of paintings in this exhibition show, Gelantia uses a variety of techniques to stretch the potential of acrylic paint on canvas. While often using an impasto application of paint to create textural elements in his abstract works, his abstract landscapes are rendered in softer and more natural hues through the application of paint in washes. Furthermore, Gelantia varies his method for applying paint on canvas by splashing, drizzling, using stencils and the back end of the paint brush. The resulting body of works comes together as a riveting exploration of the human condition and its relation to the natural and metaphysical world. 

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