Marking Territory


A group show featuring young and established illustrators at re|space gallery


For immediate release

December 2020

* Edit (13.12.2020) : Please note that due to the newly introduced full-lockdown we will be hosting a Preview of the exhibition on the 15th of December 2020 and the exhibition will officially open in January once the lockdown is over *

The final exhibition hosted by re|space gallery this year, running from the 18th of December 2020 until the 30th of January 2021, is a group show with over twenty young and established illustrators. Due to current lockdown restrictions in Germany, there will be a soft-opening on the 17th of December from 12pm until 7pm.


The Exhibition

The diversity in form and subject of the works presented in this exhibition demonstrate the breadth of possibilities within the field of contemporary illustration. Book illustrations mark only the beginning of this far-stretched territory. With materials ranging from riso-prints, pen drawings to watercolours, digital drawings and even sculpture, the illustrators of this exhibition challenge the boundaries of this genre. Each mark, each stroke of the pencil or brush, each pixel builds on this collective narrative.


The decision to incorporate works by both young as well as established artists is not to expose a divergence in quality but to facilitate a dialogue between the two. The illustrators, young and established alike, confidently hold their voice in this cacophony of creativity. The new and upcoming is always enticing and yet it inevitably derives from what has come before. In this information age, the past, the now and even the future is ever-present and the relation between the three is not always linear nor clear cut.


The Gallery

re|space gallery was founded in May 2020, the exhibition Marking Territory is the fourth and last exhibition of this year. This curator-led gallery takes on a multi-directional approach to the programming of contemporary fine art exhibitions.



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Contact: Isabelle Thul,, +49 15112225471

Address: Mommsenstraße 71, 10629 Berlin

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