Gogi Gelantia

Based in Berlin, the artist Gogi Gelantia works primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas. Gelantia is best known for his emotional landscape paintings of monumental scale. Verging on the abstract, he has developed a synthesis of mythical symbolism and an expressive use of colours.

Born in Georgia in 1960, Gelantia received his diploma in fine art from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1992. His participation in the International Symposium of Artists and Sculptors in Halle, Germany signalled his break-through in central Europe. Upon moving to Berlin, Gelantia continued to develop his practice. Though inspired by his new Central European environment, Gelantia’s past in post-Soviet Georgia continues to influence his work. 

Gelantia has exhibited in a range of galleries and art fairs internationally such as in New York, Rotterdam, Tbilisi and Berlin. Participating in group shows as well as solo-exhibitions, Gelantia’s works have met with great enthusiasm amongst gallerists and collectors. 


Gogi Gelantia

Dusk, 2020

150 x 200 cm 

Acrylic on canvas

"Having grown up in post-Soviet Georgia, I longed to gain access to the cultural diversity of central Europe. Upon my move to Germany in the late nineties, I was greatly inspired by the host of new impressions the vibrant art scene had to offer. My newly ignited imagination led me to experiment with new techniques and reach a greater depth in my artistic practice. This new-found freedom allowed my practice to be guided by my soul rather than the rules and conventions I had studied at the Art Academy in Georgia. I aspire to gain access to deeper emotions through my art, working in solitude in the night. Letting my brush wander over the canvas, I allow my next move to be shaped by my intuition. The colours and textures are inspired by my emotions and my experiences. I thus have a personal attachment to the resulting works, but I believe that they truly come alive in the eyes of the beholder. I thrive on the reactions of the spectators of my works and the emotions that my compositions evoke. Art is a mode of expression and a platform for highlighting our inherent similarities and shared experiences as a human race. I believe my paintings are best described as emotional landscapes that address the audience’s subconscious."

              Gogi Gelantia

Curriculum Vitae



1976-1979 College of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia

1979-1992 Diploma in Fine Art Painting at the State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia



1992-1996 Teacher in Painting, Graphics and Woodcutting, Tbilisi

2012-2018 Tutor at KinderKunstWERKStatt (KKW), Berlin


1998 Group Exhibition, Schloss Beesenstedt Gallery, Halle

Group Exhibition, Gallery Sergei Popov, Berlin

1999 Group exhibition, National Galerie, Tbilisi

2001 Galerie Pillango, Berlin

2002 Solo Exhibition, BB-Bank, Berlin

2003 Galerie im Russischen Haus, Berlin

2007 Galerie Nering+Stern, Berlin

2008 PALASTgalerie, Berlin

2009 Galerie Pillango, Berlin

2010 Solo Exhibition, Finanzcenter Koerner, Berlin

2012 Galerie C16 Camera Sedici, Berlin

2014 Group Exhibition, Artkate Fine Art Galerie, Berlin

2016 “Platz unter der Sonne”, Galerie Morgenrot, Berlin

2019 Solo Exhibition, Schloss Groß Bartensleben


1997 “International Art Symposium,” Halle

2000 “Kunstmesse Grand Marche,” Berlin

2004 Art Event, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2005 Art Event, Den Haag, Netherlands

2006 Art Event, Antwerpen, Belgium

2008 Art Expo, New York

2017 Berliner Liste, Berlin

Selected Works


Gogi Gelantia

Dusk, 2020

150 x 200 cm 

Acrylic on canvas

Gogi Gelantia

Hills and Valleys, 2020

150 x 200 cm 

Acrylic on canvas


Gogi Gelantia

Abstraction, 2020

150 x 200 cm 

Acrylic on canvas