Gian-Martino Cecere

Born 1990 in Waldshut, Germany, the artist Gian-Martino Cecere spent his 

childhood in the small village of Cisternino in Southern Italy. Cecere began formally developing his artistic practice while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino from 2012 until 2015. In 2014 Cecere received the Benelli prize for which he created a large-scale public sculpture. In 2016 Cecere moved to Berlin and then participated in the BoCs Art Residency, Cosenza in 2019.


The juxtaposing of binaries is integral to Cecere’s practice. Cecere utilises the 

canvas as a site for the collision and coalescing of seemingly polar concepts such as reality and artifice, stasis and rhythm, recovery and interruption. The driving together of these disparate concepts creates a tension that charges Cecere’s works with vitality. 


Furthermore, this bringing together of seemingly opposing concepts is reflected in Cecere’s methodology for creation. Incorporates canvas cuttings, sketches, worn materials and more to create a collage on canvas which Cecere consolidates through paint. Each of these materials is loaded with its own history, resulting in a form of pictorial palimpsest. As a consequence, each element of the work is imbued with new meaning and the boundaries between each are blurred. The resulting work is conceivable as a whole but upon closer inspection bears witness to its individual fragments. 


Gian-Martino Cecere

Uccelli rapaci in valle d'itria, 2020

Mixed media on canvas

170 x 200 cm

This methodology allows Cecere to explore the canvas as an archaeological site. The artist’s interest in ancient civilisations, archaic art, archetypes and ethnography play into the forms that populate his works. Similarly to an archaeologist carefully scraping away at the surface of a site to uncover an artefact, Cecere works diligently and patiently on his canvas until 

meaningful forms and compositions reveal themselves. 


After a degree in hospitality and several years in the industry, Cecere continues to work as a chef alongside his artistic practice. Cecere understands his work in the kitchen to be related to his work in the studio in that it informs his methodology as an artist. While as a chef Cecere concocts new composites using the ingredients at hand, in the studio Cecere incorporates available materials into compositions that are palatable to the eye. 


Recently, Cecere has developed a practice parallel to his works on canvas in which he translates his compositions onto a smaller scale on paper. Though related, the paper works allow for faster production while limiting the ability to revise and rethink the process of creation. Through his works on paper, Cecere challenges himself to condense the methodology developed for canvas without reducing its essence. 


Gian-Martino Cecere

Metamorfosi all'ombra, 2020

170 x 200 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Curriculum Vitae

Gian-Martino Cecere, born in Waldshut-Tiengen Germany (1990) 

Selected solo shows 


CART-Centro Documentazione Arte Contemporanea/Palazzo Pergoli 

Piazza Mazzini-Falconara Marittima


Selected Group Exhibitions


Manabamate, curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Artist residence, BOCSart, Cosenza, Italy



Nutrimentum, curated by Umberto Palestini, Data, Urbino 

Fortezza Borbonica, Civitella del Tronto, Italy




BA Fine Art Painting, Accademiadi Belle Arti, Urbino, Italy


Selected Bibliography 


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Urbino, Data /Fortezza Borbonica, Civitella del Tronto, Italy, 

13/05 -14/06/2015 / Civitella del Tronto 11 /07 - 30/09/2015




Premio Benelli per l'arte, 1 classificato, 1 place, Sculpture Prize, Urbino, Italy