Eigenlicht at re|space gallery

Berlin, 13.09.2021

For immediate release

The group-show Eigenlicht will open at re|space gallery on the 17th of September 2021. The exhibition will show works by the artists Aline Schwibbe, Deborah Wargon, Janina Brauer and Paula Krause.

The Exhibition 

The term ‘Eigenlicht’ (which translates to ‘intrinsic light’) is a generally outdated scientific term used to describe the shade of dark grey seen in the absence of light. The absence of light encourages moments of introspection, remembrance and dreams. The works exhibited in Eigenlicht relate to the concept of the subconscious in unique ways. Whether it be by drawing from dreams or from memories (both individual and collective) the works explore a type of knowledge that is gained in moments of introspection - moments in which one’s eyes see no more than the dark grey of ‘Eigenlicht’.

The Artists

Aline Schwibbe       b.1988, Germany      MA Fine Art, Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin

Deborah Wargon     b. 1962, Australia     MA Scenography, Central St. Martins College of Art, London

Janina Brauer          b. 1980, Polen          Diploma in Illustration & Design, Hochschule Niederrhein

Paula Krause           b. 1994, Germany     Freie Kunst/Malerei Universität Der Künste Berlin

The Gallery

re|space gallery was founded in May 2020 in the Mommsenstraße of Berlin-Charlottenburg. The gallery, run by two curators, is notable for its varied program. The primary focus of the gallery lies on emerging artists living and working in Europe. As of the 15th of September 2021, re|space gallery hosts the Events of Berlin’s well-known Denkerei with Bazon Brock and Marina Sawall.

Exhibition dates:  15. September - 18. November 2021      Opening: 17. September   18:30



Press Contact: Isabelle Thul, curator, isabelle.thul@re-space.de, +49 15112225471



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