All is Flux - An Exhibition of Works by

Christo Daskaltsis and Lorenz Friedrich



For immediate release

July 2020 
























All is Flux will be hosted in the re|space gallery from the 3rd of August until the 2nd of October 2020. The joint exhibition with paintings by Christo Daskaltsis and sculptures by Lorenz Friedrich explores the relation between perception and reality. This duo-show will feature more than 25 new works within the bright and open re|space gallery in Berlin-Charlottenburg.



The Artists 


Christo Daskaltsis (b. 1969) is a German artist based in Berlin. Upon studying at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, Daskaltsis learnt to translate his creative energy into works. Though this formal art education established a foundation to his artistic career, his practice soon evolved to become more experimental as he distanced himself from the limitations of the academic approach. Setting up a studio in Berlin, Daskaltsis developed an elaborate methodology through which his works come into being. Removing himself from figurative and concept art, Daskaltsis chose to focus on the process of creation rather than the outcome. Having exhibited his works internationally and having established a network of private collectors that spans from Italy to New York, Daskaltsis’ works have been well received by a wide audience.



Lorenz Friedrich (b. 1988) us an Austrian Artist based in Vienna. Friedrich began his higher education by training to be a sculptor at the Technical College in Hallstatt. In 2015 he completed his studies at the art academy in Vienna under supervision of the artist Heimo Zobernig. This combination of technical skill, a deep knowledge of materials as well as expansive an extensive understanding of art theory, defines the artist’s practice to this day. Over many years the artist has developed a distinct aesthetic that is minimal not only in choice of colour but also in size. And yet, the effect of fascination and intrigue this enables within the viewer is considerably grand. Working in wood, the artist sculpts miniature-sized human figures that in their collectivity inhabit a microcosm in their respective location.



The Exhibition 


The title All is Flux is taken from the early Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ meditations on knowledge and flux. Though the interpretation of Heraclitus’ doctrines has been much disputed, the idea of there being no stably existing objects with stably enduring qualities is a provocative standpoint from which this exhibition approaches the resonance between Daskaltsis’ and Friedrichs’ works. Though different in medium and style, the works by the two artists are paralleled in their exploration of perception and the influence or absence of the artist’s hand. 


In their co-habitation of the exhibition space in the re|space gallery, the paintings by Daskaltsis and the sculptures by Friedrich ignite a discussion on perception and reality. The true nature of the works are in flux as they are dependent on the perspective and associations of the viewer. In addition, the element of time influences the works in that the interplay of light and shadow has a transformative effect on both Daskaltsis’ and Friedrich’s works. While Friedrich’s sculptures grow as their shadows expand, Daskaltsis’ paintings gain a metallic glow as the evening sun shines and the changing light allows the elements of the painting to protrude beyond the canvas or to be inverted inwards.

The Gallery 


re|space gallery is a new venue for contemporary art established in May 2020 in Berlin, Charlottenburg. The gallery presents art that challenges viewers on multiple levels and diversifies dominant understandings of modern and contemporary art. re|space gallery encourages unique artistic positions, dialogue and provides an art hub for local audiences. 


The gallery is focused on contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture with a particular interest in unique materials and working methods. Establishing itself as a new art hub for local and international audiences, the gallery also hosts talks, discussions and art events.


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