All is Flux 

3. August - 2. October 2020

An exhibition of works by the artists Christo Daskaltsis and Lorenz Friedrich

All is Flux will be hosted in the re|space gallery from the 3rd of August until the 2nd of October 2020. The joint exhibition with paintings by Christo Daskaltsis and sculptures by Lorenz Friedrich explores the relation between perception and reality. 


The title All is Flux is taken from the early Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ meditations on knowledge and flux. Though the interpretation of Heraclitus’ doctrines has been much disputed, the idea of there being no stably existing objects with stably enduring qualities is a provocative standpoint from which this exhibition approaches the resonance between Daskaltsis’ and Friedrichs’ works. Though different in medium and style, the works by the two artists are paralleled in their exploration of perception and the influence or absence of the artist’s hand. 


The large-scale paintings in oil on aluminium by Christo Daskaltsis are truly abstract works. The strictly conceptualised method of production deliberately eradicates any possibility of formal influence by the artist in the creation of his works.  A monochrome layer of paint is applied to the surface of the aluminium canvas, the artist then drizzles the surface with turpentine. Using a household broom, Daskaltsis sweeps over the surface producing an entirely abstract image formed by the dissolution of pigments in the paint and their migration across the canvas when being swept. The resulting works gain an effect of depth that works both to draw the viewer into the canvas and to allow the forms to protrude beyond the canvas. Nevertheless this three-dimensionality is an illusion as the surface of the canvas remains flat. The artist removes himself from the works with their completion but they live on. The works are alive in the viewer’s eye, their truth being dependent on the individual’s perception. As all of Daskaltsis' works are titled with the date of production rather than a more descriptive title, it remains the viewer is left with no prompt to discern a singular meaning or form within the painting.


Lorenz Friedrich’s works in contrast to Christo Daskaltsis’ are explicitly figurative. The small-scale sculptures inhabit the space on metal rails attached to the walls, on wooden blocks of mountainous scenery or in and on household objects. Though very much existing in our physical world, the figures that Friedrich sculpts from wood navigate their own microcosm. The viewer is invited to experience their own being from a new perspective as giants in relation to the small humanoid figures. The majority of the figures is painted in white or charred to black, this duo-chromaticity suggests a shadow-existence. The characterisation of the figures is ingenious, they lean against walls, wander or commute, reach out, sit pondering and jump out towards the viewer.   Similarly to the works by Daskaltsis, Friedrich’s sculptures are not completed without the presence of the viewer. It is only through the interrelation between the macrocosm of the viewer’s sphere and the microcosm of the sculptures’ own that the works achieve their full potential. 


In their co-habitation of the exhibition space in the re|space gallery, the paintings by Daskaltsis and the sculptures by Friedrich ignite a discussion on perception and reality. The true nature of the works are in flux as they are dependent on the perspective and associations of the viewer. In addition, the element of time influences the works in that the interplay of light and shadow has a transformative effect on both Daskaltsis’ and Friedrich’s works. While Friedrich’s sculptures grow as their shadows expand, Daskaltsis’ paintings gain a metallic glow as the evening sun shines and the changing light allows the elements of the painting to protrude beyond the canvas or to be inverted inwards. 

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